Last Summer Highlights

Upon discussing the making of this blog with the teacher who helped in the conceptualization, we agreed that I would have to update this baby at least once a week. However, this week, my excitement has invigorated me to post more than the minimum of one and share some more photos.

I downloaded a new action for Photoshop that I wanted to try out with some floral photos, so while I was testing it out, I decided I’d peruse the album I was using to see if I could find some photos worth posting here. And so I did. These photos come from the first batch of test shots after I got my macro lens for my camera. I was absolutely in love with the lens (and still am) so on a day when I visited my aunt, I brought my camera with me and took a lot of pictures of her flowers. She has one of the best assortments of flowers for a photographer. It’s kind of a floral wonderland when you get to her house. They’re everywhere. Here’s a few shots from that day.

And for good measure, a photo of her cat, Puffy. He's gorgeous.

Note: You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!


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