Spring Awakening

We here in Michigan have been very fortunate this year to not only have the mildest winter in my personal living memory, but also a very early Spring. Today it reached a high of about 82 degrees in the Metro Detroit Area and it was absolutely gorgeous outside. I even had the opportunity to eat lunch outside, no coat, in March! I got attacked by spiders, but that’s beside the point. When I came home, I knew I had to take a stroll around my house and see what’s new in nature. Since I last updated Vivography, my neighbor’s tree has blossomed 75% more and is now full of flowers, so I snapped a few pictures of that. I also found that we have more hyacinths in the garden, so I sprayed them with a spray bottle for prettier pictures. And while I was kneeling out there, I noticed we have some cute patches of moss by the garden, so I took some macro shots of that. Here’s today’s floral adventure in photos:

Neighbor's tree blossoms.

Extreme close-up of a water droplet on the above hyacinth flower.

Moss patch!

Note: You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!

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