Philadelphia Adventures.

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So I’ve spent the past week primarily in Philadelphia with my best friend and her boyfriend (with a whole day excursion to New York City on Friday) and of course, I took a million photos.

It was a really cool experience. I got to check out what “real” college is like (you know, big campus, drinking, large lecture halls, the whole dealio) as well as what living on your own in a big city is like. Although Philadelphia isn’t that big compared to NYC. Still, I enjoyed my time away, especially since it involved hanging out with a pretty cool cat named Ruby all week (when we were home). Here’s some pictures of me, Maria, and Ruby.

Running up the Rocky steps in Philly!

A beautiful church in NYC.

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Philly Eve Photos

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Finals are finally over and I actually had some minimal time today to take a few pictures inbetween packing for my trip to Philly tomorrow, exercising, showering, and other things. And yes, you can count on pictures going up during or after my Philly trip as I’m sure there will be lots of awesome opportunities and things to take pictures of, not least of which will be my best friend’s cat, Ruby. I am super excited for this trip (and nervous about navigating the airports haha).

Anyway, so my mom’s birthday was this past week, and my dad bought her some deep red roses (I got her an iPod Nano, newest generation, and a Kindle Fire…that she made me buy with my money and then paid me back. That woman.) She asked me to take pictures of them (I was going to anyway) so I did. Meanwhile, today I took pictures of these candy flowers I always get really excited about whenever I go to Michael’s and see by the check outs. The somewhat ironic thing is that last time I had these, Maria (my best friend who I am visiting in Philly) and her boyfriend came to visit me over here in Michigan, and now we’re swapping. It’s the little things in life sometimes…

I also took pictures of my nails because I did the ombre sponge thing again, but Photoshop was being such a whopping douchecanoe that I had to redo the candy pictures twice because it replaced all of them with one of the nail pictures I was working on. Twice. Ridiculous! I almost wasn’t going to post any pictures, but I figured since I’m mentioning this, I will.

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Ombre Nails


As finals week approaches, I’m in “let’s get this done” mode but with the ever-present thirst for doing things I shouldn’t be doing when I have so many more important things to do, like taking pictures. Aaaand painting my nails. Last week I stopped by Target to pick up some supplies for one of my finals and of course, being Target, one cannot help by wander about. I’ve been eyeing Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri collection ever since it came out, and I finally decided to buy the yellow polish, called Lightening. I love it. It’s the perfect opaque yellow, and the brush is unique.

Of course, Target is awesome in all areas, so I also bought a package of those spongey makeup wedges because I’ve desperately wanted to try out ombre nails. So I did. Here are my results!

I also took more pictures of the tulips in our garden that day, but they’re not turning out how I want them to in Photoshop, so NONE SHALL YOU HAVE TODAY!

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Happy Easter from Vivography!

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This year’s Easter preparations were kind of hectic at my house. Everyone’s been working  too much so we didn’t have time to go “all out” like we usually do, which really means that we only made 1 dessert this year instead of the usual 3 or more. Nevertheless, we’re pretty set food-wise. There’s stuffed cabbage rolls, salata de beouf (chicken and vegetable salad…Romanian style), oven-baked chicken, Saratele (pictures below!), Banatean Coconut Tort, and of course, EGGS! For the past 3 years, I’ve been decorating our eggs in the traditional Eastern European manner – with elaborate designs using a pysanky, wax, and a candle. The result is pretty awesome if  I do say so myself. Traditionally, eggs like this are decorated in multiple colors, but I don’t have the patience or time to multi-dye one egg, so I just do ours white and then dye them in one color. Here are this year’s results, as well as the Coconut Tort and Saratele!

The most elaborate of the eggs this year.

The modern design set.

This is my absolute favorite egg this year. It was totally worth the 20 or 30 minutes I spent on it.

My second favorite egg! I did one like this last year too. They always turn out beautiful.

I'm only adding this one in because the stupid thing sweated while I was melting the wax off and it created a galaxy-esque thing with the dye.

The Banat Coconut Tort! So delicious.


By the way, that little “red carpet” underneath everything in these pictures is an original woven piece my mom made in Romania when she was a kid. It’s one of my prized possessions from the “old country”.

Also, if you’re wondering what Saratele are, they’re really simple and delicious salty snacks that involve a lot of feta cheese and get cut into strips and devoured pretty quickly. Yup. Happy Easter everyone!

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Food and Flowers and Narcissism, Oh My!

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Yeah, I know. It’s been a little over a week since I last updated. While I feel a bit guilty about that, at least I have work to show for it! Spring is beginning to bloom all over Michigan, and our front garden officially has full grown tulips and those little wild purple flowers that we call hatchets in Romania.

Also, remember that avocado-lemon pie? I revamped it and made it using strawberries instead (and shortbread). It’s super delicious and I want to try it out in multiple other flavors. Aaand, I made a blackberry-banana smoothie for breakfast a few days ago that I managed to take a few pictures of right before I had to head out. It was delicious. But there were like a million seeds.

And of course, what’s a week without a few pictures of myself? I was feeling pretty fly on Tuesday and it was gorgeous outside. I had to capture that. Unfortunately, this was pre-dying my hair, but that’s okay. There will be more pictures in the future.

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