Late Spring Flowers

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Last time I posted, I had so many photos to upload that I decided cutting them in half would be better so as not to overwhelm anyone (myself included) with a bombardment of pictures. I went around the neighborhood about 2 weeks ago (an annual occurrence that I think some of my neighbor’s still find odd. I can feel their judging eyes from behind their living room blinds) and took pictures of flowers. It gets pretty boring taking pictures of the same ones in my mom’s garden every year, so I like to mix it up, annually. Here are my results from that escapade!

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Recycle Ideas and Rings

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It’s been nearly two weeks since I last posted, but that’s okay because I have work to show for my absence! I’ve been slowly compiling pictures to post, starting with a mini recycling project. While cleaning my room a week ago, I almost threw away a tin that had old candies in it, but decided it would make a cute holder for my stud earrings. Going on the same rift, I couldn’t find the usual container I put my tomatoes in for lunch one day, and decided to use the Gerber baby food containers I saved instead. And yes, I do eat Gerber baby food, don’t judge! It’s delicious! ┬áTheir containers are also a good way to help you with portion control, not to mention, if you have a lot of them, and you have kids, you could totally have a fruit and veggie party and stick all kinds of colorful fruits and veggies in each container and have at it!

Going back in time a little bit, while I was in Philly, the day after our NYC trip, I took a few pictures of the “friendship” rings I bought at H&M for Maria and me. I kept the silver one, and she has the gold one.

And speaking of rings, yesterday I adventured down in downtown Royal Oak, mostly to check out the new location of the upscale thrift store Paris, but also to see if I could find my mom any unique and fancy Mother’s Day gifts. I kind of struck accidental gold at Paris. I bought two rings for $24 each, fully under the impression that they were not any kind of precious metals or gemstones. I asked the sales lady if she thought they were, and she said that anything under $50 probably wasn’t. Luckily for me, I work in fine jewelry, and we have some pretty awesome magnifying glasses. My boss discovered the silver and purple ring was a Cubic Zirconia, and I discovered the .925 stamp on it. I also discovered the .925 stamp on the gold with yellow stone ring. I’m still super excited about this. Oh, and that yellow teacup and saucer? I got those beautiful babies at the Salvation Army down there for $10! Genuine English china. I think I might start collecting pretty teacups and saucers. I’ve already got a mini collection what with my other 2 German sets.

Sterling silver bitches!

Note: You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!