Recycle Ideas and Rings

It’s been nearly two weeks since I last posted, but that’s okay because I have work to show for my absence! I’ve been slowly compiling pictures to post, starting with a mini recycling project. While cleaning my room a week ago, I almost threw away a tin that had old candies in it, but decided it would make a cute holder for my stud earrings. Going on the same rift, I couldn’t find the usual container I put my tomatoes in for lunch one day, and decided to use the Gerber baby food containers I saved instead. And yes, I do eat Gerber baby food, don’t judge! It’s delicious!  Their containers are also a good way to help you with portion control, not to mention, if you have a lot of them, and you have kids, you could totally have a fruit and veggie party and stick all kinds of colorful fruits and veggies in each container and have at it!

Going back in time a little bit, while I was in Philly, the day after our NYC trip, I took a few pictures of the “friendship” rings I bought at H&M for Maria and me. I kept the silver one, and she has the gold one.

And speaking of rings, yesterday I adventured down in downtown Royal Oak, mostly to check out the new location of the upscale thrift store Paris, but also to see if I could find my mom any unique and fancy Mother’s Day gifts. I kind of struck accidental gold at Paris. I bought two rings for $24 each, fully under the impression that they were not any kind of precious metals or gemstones. I asked the sales lady if she thought they were, and she said that anything under $50 probably wasn’t. Luckily for me, I work in fine jewelry, and we have some pretty awesome magnifying glasses. My boss discovered the silver and purple ring was a Cubic Zirconia, and I discovered the .925 stamp on it. I also discovered the .925 stamp on the gold with yellow stone ring. I’m still super excited about this. Oh, and that yellow teacup and saucer? I got those beautiful babies at the Salvation Army down there for $10! Genuine English china. I think I might start collecting pretty teacups and saucers. I’ve already got a mini collection what with my other 2 German sets.

Sterling silver bitches!

Note: You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!


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