Early Birthday Presents to Myself

It feels like I have to apologize every time I write a new post on here – so I will say I’m sorry for not updating more often, BUT this term has been ridiculously busy at school due to fashion show preparations. Alas, I found some time tonight to take and edit some photos.

I’ll start off with some older ones, the first of which are of my friend Kris, who asked me about 2 or 3 weeks ago to help out with a project and take pictures of him doing some kind of waterbending stuff? I hear it’s from the show Avatar – I have no idea. But I snapped a couple closer shots of him among hundreds of in-action ones for the purpose of this blog.

And then I decided my Facebook profile picture was aging and I needed a more summery one. So I photographed myself last week. Here’s a few results.

Lastly, my birthday is a little less than two weeks, and to self-celebrate (that’s right) I bought myself an amythest and gold ring and necklace set on Etsy from Illuminance Jewelry. I received them today in the snail mail and was super excited, so I took some pictures. That ring is dangerous though. I cut my face a little. But it’s totally okay cause if someone tries to mess with me, all I have to do is bop ’em in the money-maker with my pimp ring and I’ll be set. Right?

Note: You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!

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