Keepin’ It Real in the D


I spent all this past Saturday chillin’ like a villain (and getting work done!) with Angela at PeaceLoveSpandex. At the end of the day on our way back to the studio, she drove around Downtown and Corktown so I could grab some pictures and see where various things are. I got some awesome shots of the D, including the skyline, the Westin hotel, the Renaissance Center, and Michigan Central Station.

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Snowballs, Facebook, and Spandex

Viviana's Kitchen

Two weeks of the new year have officially flown by and it’s about that time that I update again.

First off, I have three exciting new announcements!
1. You can now LIKE! and follow Vivography on Facebook by clicking here, searching “Vivography” on Facebook, or clicking the nifty Like box to the right of this post in the sidebar. Phew! I know, a lot of options.
2. If you’ve been to the blog before, you might notice some changes. That’s right folks, I’ve updated the color scheme/header/background. It now reflects my business cards! *fistpump* CONTINUITY!
3. This is somewhat related to this blog, buuuuut I am officially the new intern at PeaceLoveSpandex! Aaaand it’s pretty much awesome and I have been convinced (though convincing wasn’t really needed) that everyone should wear spandex. Because reasons. I’m gonna start wearing bodysuits, pretty much.

Anywayyy, it’s time for some long awaited foodography. At my house, for the “big” holidays (aka Christmas & Easter) we’re pretty traditional when it comes to la comida. Every year, I help my mom cook traditional Romanian food (stuffed cabbage rolls, Romanian veggie salad, various desserts, etc) and every year since I’ve had my camera, I’d taken pictures of the goodies. This year I managed to snap pictures of the desserts before they were all eaten up, as well as my classy glass of wine and this gorgeous little mouthblown glass teacup that I picked up at Anthropologie. BONUS: It’s made in Romania!

Greta Garbo tort.

Greta Garbo tort.


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Yes, I’m Alive. Here’s Some Pretty Ornaments.

Floral & Nature

Hellooooo blogosophere! I know it’s been like a month since I last updated, but sometimes life catches up with you and you get swamped and then when you finally catch a break and you don’t feel like doing anything whatsoever except cocooning yourself into a fluffy ball of sherpa fleece blankets, watching The Notebook and other sappy movies until you can’t cry anymore so you get up and go to the gym to repent for your holiday food eating sins. I mean, I’m just sayin’.

Anyway, Merry belated Christmas and Happy Holidays and Happy belated New Years and all the rest of that jazz to you all! To celebrate, I have pictures of some of the ornaments on our Christmas tree, which is still up and will be taken down sometime in the coming week. We don’t really have a theme for our tree, but it is rather filled with birds and bird related ornaments. Enjoy!













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