Happy Easter 2013!

Happy Easter (though it’s night time) from Vivography! I hope you all had a wonderful day filled with stuffing your faces with delicious food and chocolate and hopefully you didn’t have to work today. (I’m sorry Meijer employees, I know you’re all working because of people like me who can’t stand staying at home.)

This year, for the third year in a row, I did traditional pysanky eggs. Whether or not I explained this last year, let me quickly enlighten you if you don’t know what pysanky is:

Pysanky (which is actually a Ukranian word, not Romanian) is the art of applying wax designs to eggs, dying the eggs, then melting the wax off to reveal white, or variously colored designs underneath the wax. The first year I did this, I attempted the multi-color designs. Never again. Too much work. The white designs a simple and pretty, nonetheless. Here’s my batch this year! (My mom decorated two of the eggs)

_DSC0061copy2 _DSC0064copy2 _DSC0068copy2 _DSC0073copy2 _DSC0100copy2 _DSC0105copy2


Note: You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!

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