d7100 Test Shots


The d7100 arrived in the snail mail a little over a week ago, and I haven’t been able to test it out properly yet because the weather in Michigan REALLY SUCKS THIS “SPRING”. It’s been raining for like, 2 weeks which = poor natural lighting. And I generally only shoot in natural light as I don’t have a studio setup.

However, the first time I got it, the 18-105mm lens hadn’t arrived yet, so I popped my macro lens on and captured a few pretty shots. It makes my macro lens work amazingly fast because it’s a newer (and higher class) camera so the processors are faster.

The file sizes are massive compared to my old d3000, and so is the body of the camera. It’s quite hefty. It also delivers on one of the key selling points: it’s WONDERFUL in low light situations. I’m still waiting for my 50mm lens to arrive – it should be here next week. Can’t wait to see how that works together, the Amazon customer photos and reviews were phenomenal.

All of the photos below are unedited in terms of coloration/curves adjustments. They’re straight out the camera. Except for the one of my brother, I fixed his acne cause I couldn’t stand it.


This is my handsome younger brother. Don’t be fooled by that gorgeous skin, he refuses to use the face wash I buy him – that’s all me in Photoshop.


I found this vintage sterling silver and aventurine ring in Downtown Royal Oak around the time the camera arrived. Only $8!

DSC_0024copy DSC_0037copy


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Pumpkin Pudding

Viviana's Kitchen

It’s been very dreary and rainy here in Metro Detroit, so I haven’t had a chance to really try out my new camera much yet. But fear not! I have left over photos from the d3000 to share with you all, among them is a couple pictures of pumpkin pudding. I had a can of pumpkin puree a few weeks ago that I had been saving for pumpkin pie – WHICH I MADE, and it was so delicious I didn’t get a chance to photograph it before it was eaten.

However, I had an overabundance, so I found a quick recipe for pumpkin pudding on Foodgawker which turned out not too bad. Unfortunately, I didn’t favorite the recipe, and I can’t seem to find it. :(

But enjoy the pics!

_DSC0016copy2 _DSC0021copy2


Note: You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!