Juanes – Unplugged Tour 6/14/13 @ Royal Oak Music Theater

It’s not that I don’t keep my promises. It’s just that I deliver them a little later than expected sometimes.

That said, I’ve finally found time to sift through my Juanes concert photos and choose my favorite to share with you all. When I heard he was coming to the Metro Detroit area back in May, I made a commitment to go see him live, and I took my mom along with me because even though she actually hadn’t heard of him before, she likes Latin music – and going to concerts by yourself isn’t fun. We both had a lot of fun. She ran away from me before the concert even started though to get beer and I didn’t see her until it ended. I was in about third row for the majority of it, and by the end of it, I had squeezed myself to first row. 

I got some pretty good shots I think, thanks to my d7100 and my lens. There were a lot of shaky ones though, much to do with being squashed in so tight (body against body, for real, it was hella hot and I was sweating bullets) and having to raise myself on my tippy-toes to get the really good ones. I might be 5’7″, but when there’s like 12 other heads ahead of me and the floor slopes backward, it’s tough. But I managed to get my photographer game on with the blog in mind. 

Please enjoy these hard-worked-for photos and check out Juanes here. His opening act and duet for my favorite song, La Fotografia, was Raquel Sofia

DSC_1668copy DSC_1732copy DSC_1768copy DSC_1790copy DSC_1938copy DSC_1990copy DSC_2035copy DSC_2121copy DSC_2161copy


Note: You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!


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