The Terrarium Project

I bought a new betta fish two weeks ago, but he died suddenly a few days later. My mom thinks it’s because I placed him next to the house phone and EMFs killed him. I’m not sure why he died, but I had an empty bowl sitting in my kitchen for a week.

So this weekend, I decided to put Ultraviolet, my purple betta, into the smaller bowl – it’s cozier, and the other 2 bettas seems to enjoy the space in theirs. Plus, it’ll be much easier and safer to lift the smaller bowl when it’s time for a water change and cleaning.

I converted the big bowl into an open terrarium. I left the pebble rocks at the bottom and used the potting soil that was in the plants’ store pots and covered the remaining space with moss. I’m very happy with the way this little project turned out and I’ve placed it in the center of our living room coffee table.

I want to make more terrariums and place them everywhere. It’s a fun and easy project and it means more oxygen in the house!


You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!


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