Besides getting a nice tan going, gorgeous weather, and all-around warmth, summer is my favorite season because it gives me freckles. I really enjoy getting freckles on my nose for some reason. This is a picture I took last year with my 50mm lens after I’d played around with makeup. I was hoping to capture the…

A Smidgen

Found these cuties in Frankenmuth this past fall. I didn’t get them, but I thought they were adorable measurement instruments.

Pepper Plant

It’s finally that time of year that the plants are starting to come up and even grow little flowers before they fruit! I can’t wait for the summer spoils.

TBT: Kiskta Eggs

Yaaaay, the easiest day of the week! With Easter coming up in a few weeks, here’s my little lineup of Pysanka/Kistka eggs I decorated last year. The orange one next to the yellow is my favorite.