Mărțișor: Part I

I started this blog 2 years ago today! To celebrate, I thought I’d honor it by posting a new mărțișor picture for today’s post.

Two years ago, my mom fashioned me a handmade, homemade mărțișor. This year she ordered them online from a Romanian specialty store and specifically got me a Marie from Aristocats mărțișor – reason being because my dad used to call me his little Marie (from Aristocats) when I was a kid.

Quick history lesson:

Ziua Mărțișorului (Day of the Mărțișor) is every day on the first of March, and it’s an old Romanian tradition where people give each other mărțișori, which are little charms with twisted red and white thread, in celebration of the coming of spring. The red and white thread is believed to give the wearer strength and good health in the year to come.

Today’s post is my mărțișor for this year (and appropriately, a shirt I got at Lucky that is Romanian inspired). Tomorrow I’ll be showcasing a few others my mom got this year, and on Monday, my little collection of vintage mărțișori that I brought to America with me as a kid.

Cheers and felicitari!



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