Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

This weekend I made lemon poppy seed cake with almond cream cheese frosting because I had leftover lemons from making garlic lemon cabbage.

Both recipes turned out great, although my mom complained that I made the cake because it’s Lent, and although we don’t celebrate it for religious purposes whatsoever, we do follow it dietically (should be a word…) and abstain from meat and dairy products. This cake not only uses cream cheese in the frosting, but also lots of butter and buttermilk in the batter.

Honestly, because I do this for all the recipes I ever try out, I substituted as much stuff as I could. The frosting called for 600 grams of powder sugar – that’s a lot of fucking sugar guys. I cut back and used only about 400 grams, which is still INSANE. I wish I’d have only put in about 150-200 grams, in retrospect. I cut back on the butter as well and used brown sugar instead of white sugar for the batter and syrup.

Additionally, I cut back on the amount of frosting I put in between the layers, and the amount I swabbed on the outside. I had a lot left over that I saved in containers for future use. I also added sliced strawberries between the layers – which I’ve discovered taste not fresh if you stick them between two warm layers of cake, no matter how fresh they were upon washing and slicing. NOW I KNOW. Still came out great though.

You can check out the original recipe here.



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