Baby’s Breath

Some baby’s breath.

Have I mentioned I love playing with bokeh and macro?



Bright Leopard Nails

Sometimes I get the urge to get fancy with things like my manicure. And the only way to get rid of the urge is to indulge it. So I did.

Leopard print nails! They’ve been growing strong because I haven’t applied polish to them in over a month.

ALSO, yes. Yes I did this myself. In case you didn’t catch on to that earlier. I get a lot of people who ask me who does my nails – the answer is always me. I’ve never paid to get my nails done by anyone – EVER! And I don’t care to. I’m fully capable of doing them myself and I save tons of money by doing them myself.


A Ginger Summer

Heyyyy, it’s Selfie Saturday.

Here’s one from one of my favorite photo sets of 2012, right after I’d messed up my hair trying to dye it a different color at home and consequently had to go to my hair stylist, Brent, and have him repair me.

This was the first transition in stripping my hair of cherry red and going for ginger. I still love it.

This was also the summer I began seeing my weight loss transformation taking hold.