The Contemporary Egg

After I get tired or start feeling desperate for designs, I usually incorporate some more modern, contemporary, easier-on-the-hand designs. I’ve done birds every year, but this year I had a great arsenal of designs. This was one of the only contemporary designs I did and I really love how it turned out.

Sun Egg

One of my favorite designs to do. Last year I did this one in orange. It’s just so pretty.

Teardrop Lace Egg

I really liked doing this one for some reason. the big open spaces on either side are teardrop shaped. Normally I do them oval, but this a nice little twist. Originally I was going to fill them in, but I decided it would not only be easier to just leave both sides open and just…

The Chrysanthemum Egg

As promised, a closer look at some of my favorite eggs from this year. Yes, I used shredded paper for “grass”.

Happy Easter!

So I realized earlier today that I in fact skipped out on not one, but two days without a post. But I fell asleep watching TV both nights and was way too tired to accomplish editing and posting. ANYWAY, let me tell you all about my crazy egg dying adventure on Saturday! It started out…