Ginger Riesling

I missed TBT, but I’m not missing Selfie Saturday this week. I thought this would be a nice little break from the floral stuff. Here’s another picture of muh face. Enjoy :] Don’t ask about the title.


Dahlia’s always seem a little daunting to photograph. Maybe it’s because of their size and all those puffed petals. Whatever it may be, I seem to be able to pull it off despite my preconceived fears. I really like the way this one turned out.

Tears of the Poppy

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll know the title reference. And if you know anything about poppies, you’ll know the GoT term for “tears of the poppy” does indeed have to do with the medicinal properties of poppies that have been used as narcotics, analgesics, and recreational drugs (opium) for thousands of years….


In all the time I’ve photographed flowers, I’ve found the smaller ones often make the prettiest pictures. Especially in clusters, with various light flowing through. I like this one because of the backlighting and the multilayered focal points.

Mini Petunias

I usually don’t manage to get very good pictures of petunias, but I somehow pulled it off a few times this year. Maybe it’s because these are mini petunias.