Bloody Tulips

Some more pretty tulips! In full bloom.

And for all the tulip pictures I’ve been posting, I thought I’d share a little poem to accompany them. This one is titled The Tulip by Thomas B. Davies:

The Tulip’s strength is in its stem 
It holds its head so strong and straight 
Into the soil it sinks so deep 
There it stays til it’s time to reap 

The Tulips beauty is in its head 
Its colour varies from yellow to red 
Find a colour, find a room 
Leave it there and it will bloom 

The Tulips warmth is in its petals 
They overlap and keep so tight 
When it’s dark they close right up 
And open up when it is light 

When uncut in fields of plenty 
Dancing to the winds own beat 
Watch them swaying in the breeze 
You’ll think this sight is such a treat. 



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