Tears of the Poppy

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll know the title reference.

And if you know anything about poppies, you’ll know the GoT term for “tears of the poppy” does indeed have to do with the medicinal properties of poppies that have been used as narcotics, analgesics, and recreational drugs (opium) for thousands of years.

As I kid, I used to eat natural dried poppy seeds straight from the pod during late summers spent at my grandparents’ country house in Romania. My grandma would always tell me not to eat too many because I’ll fall asleep, but I’ve always found poppy seeds to have the completely opposite effect and energize me rather than put me to sleep.

But cool properties aside, poppies are gorgeous flowers that come in a variety of colors, the most famous being red. Red poppies are worn on Remembrance Day in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand to commemorate those who have died in war.

And P.S. Do not eat anything with poppy seeds before taking a drug test. You will test positive for opiates.



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