It is finally that time of year – FLOWERS GALORE! And I’m super excited about this because I get to show off gorgeous flowers one at a time rather than a bunch at one time. This way, each of them will get their own little spotlight and I don’t know about anyone else, but the…

MCCC 2014: 1/3 Female Loki

It’s time to wrap up the Motor City Comic Con 2014 coverage! And what better way than with a female Loki? I’ve noticed that the ladies really love dressing up at Loki – there were 3 this year that I counted and it was the second year in a row that a female Loki won…

Middle Part

Heyyy it’s Selfie Saturday. I was feeling pretty and self-confident a few days ago and decided to take some pictures while there was still light out. Here’s one of the results!

MCCC 2014: Young Padawan

The Star Wars cosplayers are always among my favorite because they’re often carrying lightsabers that light up and make for good pictures. Plus, some of the costumes are really sweet. Especially if they’re steampunk Star Wars. This was not a steampunk costume, but it did feature a great lightsaber.

TBT: Lavender

Heyyy lovely people. I’m going to take a quick little break from Comic Con coverage and enjoy the lovely opportunity that is Throwback Thursday. Today’s photo comes to you from 2012. This was one of my betta fish, Lavender. He didn’t live long, sadly. Not quite sure why.