This is one of my favorite photos from last night. The little puffs of fireworks past are so cute!



A Sunday Throwback

In honor of my city’s fireworks festival that occurred tonight, and because it’s nearly midnight and I have no time to edit, here’s a throwback to another year!

(Yes I have posted this picture this year already. #notsorry)



I bought a bundle of mini canvases a few weeks ago and I’ve had the urge to paint on them since then. I did not, however, know what I wanted to paint. Until yesterday when I found a gorgeous photo of a red tripped white carnation and I said THAT’S IT.

I spent about 5 or 6 hours painting this little guy and it’s not quite done yet. On a second look, I need to add a little more shading to the white parts to give it more dimension, but otherwise, it turned out well.



I get artistic urges I need to indulge pretty much immediately, quite often.

This is one from last summer. I found blank white cards at Michael’s in their $1 bins and decided it would be brilliant to do watercolor designs on them. I had planned on selling them on Etsy but never got around to putting them up.

This is my favorite of all the ones I’ve done thus far.