This is one of my favorite photos from last night. The little puffs of fireworks past are so cute!

A Sunday Throwback

In honor of my city’s fireworks festival that occurred tonight, and because it’s nearly midnight and I have no time to edit, here’s a throwback to another year! (Yes I have posted this picture this year already. #notsorry)

Stamped Out

After my SD card adapter completely pooped out on me tonight, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to have something new to show you guys. But thank the gods for extra laptops and SD slots that actually work. RIGHT!? Right. Tonight’s sunset through my fabulous Ikea drapes. Holler.

TBT: Pierce

WOOOHOOOO IT’S THROWBACK THURSDAY! Tonight’s TBT comes from Detroit Design Festival 2012, at the fashion closing party where I participated in as a student designer. This was one of the gorgeous models from that night. Her eyes were so piercing.


I bought a bundle of mini canvases a few weeks ago and I’ve had the urge to paint on them since then. I did not, however, know what I wanted to paint. Until yesterday when I found a gorgeous photo of a red tripped white carnation and I said THAT’S IT. I spent about 5…