TBT: Pistachio Pudding

It’s Throwback Thursday and a fantastic day for it! I love love love pistachios. A couple summers ago I was obsessed with them. So of course I made pistachio pudding topped with pistachios. YUM.

Tribal Doggy

My birthday month is my favorite for many reasons – birthday coupons being one of the top reasons. I used this year’s Victoria’s Secret coupon on a pair of yoga capris, and because I happened to purchase them on a day they were giving away freebies, I also got a free giant tumbler with this…

It’s All Comin’ Up Daisies

I’ve mentioned it previously that daisies are among my least favorite flowers. But I loooove to shoot them. There’s just something about them that they turn out well in photos.

Red Roses, Red Roses

I have a few floral shots left over from visiting my aunt last month. This was one of my favorites. 85mm macro lens, manual setting.