Cattle Herding

One of the first stops the day after we arrived in Dallas at this beautiful monument depicting cowboys herding the cattle way back in the day. It stretches a good portion of the park it’s in – here’s the cowboy!

Chin Up, Buttercup

Another Selfie Saturday coming your way. I usually end up narrowing down the best of my pictures to one or two before I update my profile picture on every social platform with the new one. Last week it was between this one and the one that actually won over it. I think this one is…

Vegetarian Dinner: Potatoes, Broccoli, Tzatziki & Bruschetta

Alright guys, I’ve got like four recipes coming out at you today. Last week on the eve of leaving for Dallas, because I’m a master procrastinator, I felt the need to cook. So I made pancakes for breakfast, and later on the day, I got creative. Scroll down for recipes!   Pan-Fried Garlic Potatoes –…

TBT: Pumpkin Pudding

It’s Throwback Thursdays and it’s time to wind back the clock to one of the last times I photographed stuff with my old d3000. Also Autumn is nearly here and what better time to remind you of all the possibilities of using pumpkins that await!? RIGHT!? This was an attempt at some kind of homemade…


My aunt has a lot of trees on her property. And sometimes I like to photograph the foliage.