When in doubt, use yourself as a subject.


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    1. Viviana says:


      1. You’re welcome. I’m sort of a fashion nut. ha

        1. Viviana says:

          I’ve got a fashion blog too if you’re interested! I haven’t updated in a while because I’m bad like that (oops) but check it out if you haven’t: http://vivologie.wordpress.com

          1. I sure will! I need to branch out into more blogs myself, but my writing keeps me swamped at the moment. ha

          2. Viviana says:

            I understand. I have a ton of things I want/need to do, but my projects keep me busy.

          3. Your fashion blog looks awesome! Do you ever post about DIY beauty products?

          4. Viviana says:

            I’m not sure I have, but I definitely post about beauty products that I try out and like. That’s a great idea though and I’ll keep it in mind.

          5. I make all sorts of DIY beauty stuff. It;s a lot of fun.

          6. Viviana says:

            I make my own jewelry haha. Sometimes I notify my follows about sales I’m having on my Etsy shop. This tactic has yet to work.

          7. I’ve made lots of jewelry for family and friends, but I’m too chicken to try and sell anything.

    1. Viviana says:

      Thank you! Not one of my best, but sometimes you just gotta shoot.

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