Dark Lips, Dark Words

Heyyyy it’s Selfie Saturday and I’m chock-full of ’em this weekend.

For those of you who may be wondering, yes I do dedicate time to taking professional looking pictures of myself. It’s something I genuinely enjoy doing, and it’s great practice for knowing my angles among other things, including getting to know my camera better.

I was fortunate enough to like a little handful out of the 556 I took yesterday. Here’s one!

I decided to put my camera on manual after taking a few shots in scene mode, flash off, and auto. I didn’t like how they were coming out, so I set my own lighting preferences and discovered when I uploaded the pictures that the pictures turned out WAY better than I was anticipating. The camera focused on my face like I wanted it to, and did that fantastic bokeh effect in the background. And all the pictures were nice and bright.

50mm portrait lens.



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