Fairy Bower

The Michigan Renaissance Festival started doing a fairy house contest last year where goers were challenged to create houses that fairies might live in. They’re lined up in a large empty portion along the walkway and they’re probably one of the neatest attractions there. Each house is different, in both size and artistic creativeness, and each is gorgeously unique. Here’s one that I personally liked this year.




My mom and I made our annual trip to Yates Cider Mill on Friday and aside from getting our fill of apple pies, donuts, and cider, we also decided to walk all the way to the end of the walkway.

On the way back, we witnessed not one, but two garter snakes and we screamed like little girls. When we reached the end of the walkway, we saw another one, but it was a baby and running away from a little kid.

Lesson learned: do not walk to the end of the walkway ever again.

Regardless, I still took some satisfactory pics of the foliage.


Vegetarian Enchiladas

Generally when I have the weekend off, I have the urge to get creative in the kitchen and this weekend is no exception.

Yesterday I made vegetarian enchiladas because I’d been thinking of attempting enchiladas for literally months now, and also I felt the desire to get culinarily crafty. My family gobbled this stuff up within the night, so it’s definitely been approved by at least 4 people.

They were SUPER easy to make, and I definitely want to share the recipe with you guys, so check it out below. I should note that I used 2 cans of beans, but that’s only because I couldn’t think of what else to use, and while they were cooking I thought “corn, damnit!“. So feel free to use corn.

– 8-12 small corn tortillas
– 2 cans of beans, red and/or black (or 1 can beans, 1 can corn)
– 1 small can of diced green chiles
– 1/2 small can diced pimiento peppers
– 6 stalks green onion, diced, divided in half
– 8 oz (1 bag) mexican cheese, divided in half
Р1 bag Frontera green chile enchilada sauce

1. Drain all canned ingredients.
2. In a bowl, combine beans, corn, diced green chiles, pimientos, 3 stalks diced green onion, 4 oz mexican cheese.
3. Wrap tortillas in plastic, heat them in the microwave for 30 seconds until steamy.
4. Stuff tortillas with veggie mixture, fold on themselves, then place them flappy side down in a Pyrex dish. If you have leftover mixture, stuff it in the opening spaces between enchiladas.
5. Top with enchilada sauce, remaining 4 oz cheese and the other diced green onion stalks.
6. Bake at 375 F for about 20-25 minutes, until cheesy is melted and bubbly. Serve with sour cream, salsa, and/or guacamole.



Since Throwback Thursday was otherwise occupied with more important photos, today will be Flashback Friday on the blog.

I stopped by one of my favorite local businesses, Natalie’s Bakery today, and alongside their amazing flaxseed bread, I also bought 2 pistachio macaroons for myself and my mom. In lieu of the ones we ate, let’s revisit that time Restoration Hardware was giving out free boxes of macaroons for stopping by last year. I may have grabbed like, 3.


Detroit Grooming Company: Part III

I had a really hard time choosing this last photo. But ultimately, I feel like this embodies the old world aesthetic of DGC.

The mirror perfectly frames this shot and gives the viewer a better idea of the company, in my opinion. In case you haven’t grasped it by now, they’re all about being local, handmade, embracing that rustic hardworking appeal of Detroit and turning out quality products. I really liked the old school shaving applicators, as they reminded me of being a little kid again and playing around my dad’s and grandpa’s, pretending I was shaving too. That’s the thing about this classic, old school stuff – it evokes memories you might have forgotten and brings a genuine smile to your face.

One of the other things I enjoyed about their booth at DIY was that they really paid attention to making their displays look vintagey, organic, and rustic, and it played up their products really well. (+10 points, guys)

You can have awesome stuff, but if you don’t display your products right, you’re missing half the equation for success. True story. Trust me, I went to school for this.

Don’t forget to hit them up on social media. Website, Facebook, Instagram << click ’em!

And that’s it for the mini series folks! Hope you enjoyed it and thank you again, Detroit Grooming Company, for allowing me to photograph your merch and sending so many viewers to my blog, that WordPress specially notified me of a boost in views. #yousdabest


Detroit Grooming Company: Part II

I had to photograph the beard oil. Obviously.

Not only is “beard oil” something that sounds fun to say, but the packaging and individually wax sealed bottles are really aesthetically pleasing and the first thing I noticed when I stopped by the DGC booth.

Also, I can vouch for the scents being sweetly satisfying. They have four, Corktown, Downtown, Mackinac, Orchard Lake, named after locations in Detroit and Michigan, and they each have unique fragrances. I really liked Orchard Lake (orange + vanilla) and Corktown (cedarwood + vanilla + tobacco) which if I remember correctly, reminded me of my favorite Restoration Hardware scent, Belgian Linen.

If I had a beardo boyfriend, I’d make him use this stuff. Honestly.

As a reminder, hit them up on their website, Facebook, and Instagram by clicking each here.