Detroit Grooming Company: Part I

Okay, so I brought my camera with me when I went to the DIY Festival in Ferndale a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t take a lot of pictures. Luckily, I did whip it out when I stopped by the Detroit Grooming Company booth and they were gracious enough to let me photograph their products.

This neat Detroit based company specializes in – you guessed it – grooming. Of your beard. And your hair. For dudes. They have a charming old world appeal in not only their packaging, but also their products.

They have little wax-closed bottles of beard oils in various appealing scents such as orange and vanilla. They also have pomade, mustache wax, boar bristle brushes and various other shaving tools including some badass straight razors.

You can shop their merch online by clicking here. And like them on Facebook by clicking here.

Anyway, I’m going to start off this little series with the boar bristle brushes, because I really love the way this photo turned out.



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