Romanian Baklava

I totally forgot about this shoot, but after Christmas and New Years were over, my mom still had a sweet tooth and she made homemade baklava, not once, but TWICE. And I gained like 10 damn pounds, I swear to God. But it was so good.

The Laugh Lines of Roses

Goooood morning Detroit! Nothing gives me more pleasure than getting in the business of flowers. Like this one. Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know I post pictures of pancakes all the time (on Instagram too) but they’re such delicious and easy subjects. Today I made cardamom pancakes because I finally found powdered cardamom last weekend, and topped them with heart shaped strawberry slices and honey. Happy Valentine’s Day from my kitchen to yours!

Gluten Free Goat Cheese Pizza

I’ve been sick this past week, but I’m feeling good enough today to update. I had gluten-free vegetarian pizza a couple weeks ago with goat cheese, tomatoes, onion, and spinach. It turned out pretty good, although the edges were REALLY hard and I had to stop eating them at some point for fear of breaking…