Diffused Roses and Plastic Bags

Floral & Nature

As promised, some more playing around with DIY tricks and lighting.

My dad bought my mom some cute miniature roses for her birthday last weekend, and they were the first subjects for this experiment.

In addition to the DIY “light box” trick with the paper and window, I also grabbed a ziplock back from the kitchen and ripped it at the bottom, stuck my lens in it, and used it as a sort of light diffuser/lens flare.

I’ve used this trick before with other objects as well. You can use pretty much anything, generally translucent items work best. Stick them partially in front of the lens, and you get all kinds of sweet lens flare effects.

First Photo
85mm NIKKOR AF-S Micro
F-stop: f/3.8
Exposure: 1/100
ISO: 250

Second Photo
Lens: 85mm NIKKOR AF-S Micro
F-stop: f/3.8
Exposure: 1/80
ISO: 250

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DSC_1973copy DSC_1984copy


Playing with DIY Photo Tricks

Floral & Nature

It is OFFICIALLY spring time which means it’s OFFICIALLY time for me to spend a lot of time photographing flowers. Because in case you haven’t realized by now, it’s my favorite subject and my best as well.

I recently bought a pot of these purple daisy looking flowers. I forgot what they’re actually called, but they were stunning and I wanted to admire them for longer than ten minutes at the store.

Additionally, last night while I was browsing the interwebz, I came upon a DIY photography list, and one of the tricks was making your own “light box” by using a piece of paper and a window. So for this photo (and probably a few more to come) I taped up a blank piece of paper on my bedroom window, and shot manual.


Lens: 85mm NIKKOR AF-S Micro
F-stop: f/3.8
Exposure: 1/125
ISO: 250

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My Society6 Store

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I thought I’d share something a little different this week.

Lately, I’ve been focusing more on traditional art, especially watercolors. And in doing so, I officially opened up a Society6 shop with various prints, ranging from sweet nerdy galaxy pieces, to cutesy fine art pieces. The awesome thing about Society6, of course, is that they don’t just sell prints. They also sell phone cases, skins, totes, mugs, pillows, clocks, tapestries, bedspreads, and much more. So the opportunity to sell a design increases with the amount of choices you give your customers.

You can check out my shop by clicking here: society6.com/lovelikeangels

And because this is a visual blog, check out some of the options below!

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Happy Easter!

Viviana's Kitchen

It’s still Easter Sunday over here in Eastern Standard Time, and therefore not too late for me to share my eggs this year.

I was too busy with work to be able to do my fancy pysanky/kistky eggs this year, but I bought gold “dye” because we didn’t have any yellow, and all in all, our eggs turned out pretty cool. After I’d dyed several in blue, green, red, and purple, and I’d rubbed the first layer of gold on the gold eggs, I decided to roll one of them in my golden hands, and it turned out that it looks kind of like a golden galaxy on a field of a given color.