Playing with DIY Photo Tricks

It is OFFICIALLY spring time which means it’s OFFICIALLY time for me to spend a lot of time photographing flowers. Because in case you haven’t realized by now, it’s my favorite subject and my best as well.

I recently bought a pot of these purple daisy looking flowers. I forgot what they’re actually called, but they were stunning and I wanted to admire them for longer than ten minutes at the store.

Additionally, last night while I was browsing the interwebz, I came upon a DIY photography list, and one of the tricks was making your own “light box” by using a piece of paper and a window. So for this photo (and probably a few more to come) I taped up a blank piece of paper on my bedroom window, and shot manual.


Lens: 85mm NIKKOR AF-S Micro
F-stop: f/3.8
Exposure: 1/125
ISO: 250

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram @lovelikeangels for more photography and my Society6 shop for watercolor art.



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