The Foldio Mini Studio


Christmas is finally over (a sweet relief, working retail) and although 2015 has been a pretty rough year for me, I was thinking this morning that I have quite a bit to be thankful for.

This is going to sound pretty materialistic, but I was able to gift myself all 3 of my top wishlist items for Christmas this year:

  1. A new Wacom tablet. And it’s magical.
  2. A mini photography studio, which is what I’m gonna talk about in a bit.
  3. A serger. FINALLY! I’ve only been saying I need to purchase one for the past 5 years.

These are all tools I’m planning on using often in the coming year and it’s a relief to say I have them in my possession.

That said, I’m QUITE geeked out about my mini studio. It’s a Foldio portable studio with LED lights and 4 backdrops (white, black, gray, green) and it cost me $55 from Photojojo with a $20 off coupon (which you can also use by clicking here).

I absolutely love it and I know it’s going to come in handy for all kinds of small stuff, including jewelry that I make. My only gripe about it is that it’s a cube. I think if it has been shaped like a landscape rectangular cube, it would allow for some better photos of some larger items.


They sent me this dinosaur and a pin with my order. OBVIOUSLY is was the perfect first subject to photography. Photo taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

But it works great for small scale objects, and that’s probably most of what I’ll really be using it for.



Photo taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 5


What it looks like in all its glory.


Steel Panther x Samsung


Hey babes! This past Sunday was absolutely incredible and I’d like to share a bit of it with you guys.

My friend Eric preemptively invited me out to see Steel Panther a few weeks ago and then sent me a real invite to the show a week prior. To be honest, I hadn’t ever heard their music before, but I had watched their YouTube videos (via Eric) and kinda fell in love with them.

They’re a hilarious group of attractive middle aged men who make semi-parody style 80s glam rock music with lewd lyrics and put on an AH-MAZING live show.

My favorite band member, Satchel (real name Russ Parrish) is 10/10 super mega hot and an incredibly talented guitarist. And I clearly spent all night trying to get good shots of him. Oh yeah – we were front row which was pretty badass – and my friend Cat got pulled on stage (check it out) and afterwards, her and I got backstage VIP passes where we spent some one-on-one time with Michael Starr & Stixx, and were later invited out to the bar. Needless to say, we went, and got drunk. And then PASSED OUT when we got home.

Additionally, I should mentioned this photo were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone. I opted to leave my Nikon at home because I just didn’t feel like lugging it around with me all night. Plus, I wasn’t expecting to be front row. I think they turned out really well. This phone’s camera continues to prove itself amazing and I’m so glad I noticed that off the bat when I was shopping for a new one a couple months ago.




This is not the best photo I've ever taken, but I really like the way it turned out.

This is not the best photo I’ve ever taken, but I really like the way it turned out.

Christmas Burst Cookies

Viviana's Kitchen

Hey! It’s about that time when you’ll probably be seeing more food photography from me, since the family and I will be cooking up a storm in the coming weeks.

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite super easy cookie recipes that I discovered several years ago. It’s perfect if you’re lazy or need something quick – like I did. I’ve got a Christmas party this weekend, so I made burst cookies in advance today. I even frosted designs on them! Check out the recipe below.

– 1 box cake mix (your choice! I used funfetti and red velvet this time)
– 1 egg, beaten
– 1 8 oz package Cool Whip
– powdered sugar

1. Combine beaten egg with cake mix.
2. Add Cool Whip and mix well. Dough will be very sticky.
3. Scoop out dough (I used 2 spoons to ball it up) and roll around in powdered sugar, form into a ball.
4. Bake at 350F for 12 minutes.


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