Spiced Whipped Coffee

Okay okay, at this point, there’s like, NO WAY, you haven’t come across this Dalgona/whipped coffee trend that’s been all the craze during quarantine, and by now you’ve probably come across varying recipes and how to make different variations – but have you tried spicing it up!?

This make the process a little more time consuming, but all you chai lovers will enjoy it – so grab some of your favorite spices and let’s FUCKING GO!


(For the chai these are all optional and you can add/remove whatever, I only used the first 3)
2-3 cardamom pods, smashed
2-3 clove pieces
a small sliver of cinnamon bark
a small piece of star anise
4-5 tbsp water
(For the whip & coffee)
2 tbsp instant coffee
1 tbsp sugar, or more depending on how sweet you want it
milk of choice


  1. In a small pot, add your spices and water and boil until the water reduces down to about 2 tbsp and is aromatic and colored a little browny.
    *** If you over-boil it, just add some water back and bring it back up to a boil until it reduces down to about 2 tbsp again.
  2. Add your spiced water to your mixing bowl of coffee and sugar and whip on HIGH until it forms stiff peaks, about 3-5 minutes.
    *** You don’t want your whip to be able to move if you turn your bowl upside down.
  3. Fill a tall glass just a bit more than 1/3 full of your milk of choice and add your whip on top, then mix together and enjoy.

P.S. I recommend filling the glass with ~1/3 with milk because if you go higher, the mixing together bit gets quite messy otherwise.

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