Orange Peel to the Rescue!

One my family’s home remedies for heartburn/indigestion always gets lots of raised eyebrows and questioning looks, but it also gets people coming back telling me IT WORKS!

Have you ever tried eating an orange peel? Well, in today’s recipe, I’m sharing a more palpable version. While, I have 100% eaten straight up orange peel when I’ve had heartburn or indigestion, this version is a little easier to swallow in the middle of the night.

All you need is lots of oranges and a 10 lb weight to toughen up your biceps, cause we’re going to Grating City, so buckle up! Here’s my family recipe for about 2 year’s worth of holisitic heartburn help.


a box grater (it’s easier than a handheld)
a couple mason jars
2 bags of oranges


  1. Wash your oranges!
  2. Grate your oranges using the 2nd finest side. Not the finest size! You’ll want your zest to still have shape, not be mush.
  3. Once all your oranges have been zested, mix anywhere between 3-5 tbsp of sugar in, then store in mason jars in the fridge.
  4. Whenever you have heartburn or indigestion, eat the tip of a teaspoon of this mixture and you’re good to go!


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