About Me



Hello! My name is Viviana and this is my ongoing photography anthology.

If you’re new to this blog, let me take this opportunity to welcome you and extend my gratitude for your interest.

I am a completely self-taught photographer, and have been fascinated by, specifically, macro/closeup photography for many years. I craved a DSLR at a young age to help me create what I knew I had the talent and capabilities to do and after begging my parents numerous times for a camera to no avail, I saved enough money from my first job to purchase my first baby, a Nikon d3000.

I was able to upgrade to a Nikon d7100 in 2013 and even added new lenses. (50mm and 18-105mm in addition to my 85mm macro). I also recently added the Foldio mini studio to my lineup! I specialize in macro, still life, food, and people photography and Adobe Photoshop is my editing software.

Need to contact me? Email me at @ vivography@gmail.com



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