While I’m sharing selfies, I have a handful of relatively new ones that I haven’t shared.

The one I’m sharing tonight was taken a few months ago, in the summer, prior to me switching my hair to Pravana vivids yellow, orange, and red. I’m wearing a crystal crown headband I made, which I nearly never wear in real life because it’s so heavy, it tends to slip and fall off my head, regardless of the fact that I tried to make it anti-slip.




I was momentarily SO happy because I thought it was Thursday and I thought “OH LORD, IT’S THROWBACK THURSDAY” and then I hovered over the time on my taskbar and it told me it was Wednesday and I was sad.

I’ve done a lot of things in the past in terms of fashion that I thought were cool and different at the time, but in retrospect are kinda embarrassing.

In 2012, I used to wear these birds in my hair. I swear.


Detroit Grooming Company: Part III

I had a really hard time choosing this last photo. But ultimately, I feel like this embodies the old world aesthetic of DGC.

The mirror perfectly frames this shot and gives the viewer a better idea of the company, in my opinion. In case you haven’t grasped it by now, they’re all about being local, handmade, embracing that rustic hardworking appeal of Detroit and turning out quality products. I really liked the old school shaving applicators, as they reminded me of being a little kid again and playing around my dad’s and grandpa’s, pretending I was shaving too. That’s the thing about this classic, old school stuff – it evokes memories you might have forgotten and brings a genuine smile to your face.

One of the other things I enjoyed about their booth at DIY was that they really paid attention to making their displays look vintagey, organic, and rustic, and it played up their products really well. (+10 points, guys)

You can have awesome stuff, but if you don’t display your products right, you’re missing half the equation for success. True story. Trust me, I went to school for this.

Don’t forget to hit them up on social media. Website, Facebook, Instagram << click ’em!

And that’s it for the mini series folks! Hope you enjoyed it and thank you again, Detroit Grooming Company, for allowing me to photograph your merch and sending so many viewers to my blog, that WordPress specially notified me of a boost in views. #yousdabest


La Vie en Rose

It’s Selfie Saturday!

The other day, my mom and I went to Somerset and while she was using the bathroom, I perused Claire’s – because why not. I don’t normally shop Claire’s and can’t remember the last time (before the other day) that I bought anything from them because they’re insanely overpriced.

However, I noticed in their clearance section they have these massive headbands (pictured below) marked down from $24 for $2. TWO FREAKING DOLLARS. And I was like holy crap, this will be FANTASTIC for photography purposes. So I bought one. For photography purposes.

And then I dolled myself up yesterday and took pictures. I like the results, given the fact that selfies in the winter with no studio setup is a challenge. It’s not exactly what I was hoping for, again, due to lack of studio and studio lighting and all that, but it’s good enough. And something to build on.