This is my newest betta, that I got back in August, and his name is Hellboy. He’s a rosetail betta and cost a pretty penny. I was looking at him closer today and he’s definitely grown since August.

TBT: Lavender

Heyyy lovely people. I’m going to take a quick little break from Comic Con coverage and enjoy the lovely opportunity that is Throwback Thursday. Today’s photo comes to you from 2012. This was one of my betta fish, Lavender. He didn’t live long, sadly. Not quite sure why.


Because I’m not allowed to have touchable pets, I’ve had quite an array of aquatics. This was my Orange Dalmation Veiltail Betta that I named Amadeus because of his sky blue eyes.   You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!

Aeon Flux

I recent bought Spongebob pineapple houses for the two beta fish in our living room because they didn’t have anything in their bowls, and I know that every fish I’ve ever had absolutely loves burrowing in holes and houses like these. It was about time. This is Aeon Flux.   You may NOT use this…