I was momentarily SO happy because I thought it was Thursday and I thought “OH LORD, IT’S THROWBACK THURSDAY” and then I hovered over the time on my taskbar and it told me it was Wednesday and I was sad. I’ve done a lot of things in the past in terms of fashion that I…

Dollar Birdy

Some more ornaments! I got this birdy for a dollar at Michaels last year.


There’s this glass shop at the Michigan Renaissance Festival that sells all kinds of cool handmade blown glass pieces, from usable to artsy. This year they had these adorable glass chicks in various colors.

Flight of the Falcon

While the guy in the hawking and falconry act did the hawking tricks, the lady followed with the falcons. This cutie is the one that got to swoop around us. They also had a gorgeous white falcon, speckled with mousy gray spots.