28 Years Around the Sun

Hello! Today is my birthday and I’m OFFICIALLY “late twenties” which is wild and insane and I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I graduated high school and 6 since I graduated college and I’m currently in the midst of not knowing where I am in life or what exactly I want to do…

Lil Bro

It’s day 12 of Blogvember and it’s my brother’s birthday! Happy birthday to the best and (sometimes) worst gift my parents ever gave me, my little turdalini, who gives me the strength and inspiration to be my best self, while simultaneously wishing I was an only child again. Just kidding (sorta), I love you bro….

Tribal Doggy

My birthday month is my favorite for many reasons – birthday coupons being one of the top reasons. I used this year’s Victoria’s Secret coupon on a pair of yoga capris, and because I happened to purchase them on a day they were giving away freebies, I also got a free giant tumbler with this…

I Want That…Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake

I’ve gotten what my biffle Alyza calls “pound cake with whipped cream and fruits” (I think it’s called like fruit mignon or something, whatever) for over a decade for my birthday because it’s always been my favorite cake. Last year I discovered the place we go to for my cake serves cheesecake with a fresh…

Mini Lemon Tart

Today’s my birthday and I’m too preoccupied to put up normal photos. Sooooo, lemme share with you all a birthday tradition I get myself every year: a mini lemon tart! It was delicious. Photo taken with Instagram, Samsung Galaxy s5 camera. You can follow me @lovelikeangels