Hey guys, I’ve got a lot of internet related problems happening tonight, so I’m opting for a TBT style post. Since it’s Selfie Saturday, let’s switch it up a bit and show off my best friend, Maria. Philly, 2012. Nikon d3000 with 85mm macro lens.

Chin Up, Buttercup

Another Selfie Saturday coming your way. I usually end up narrowing down the best of my pictures to one or two before I update my profile picture on every social platform with the new one. Last week it was between this one and the one that actually won over it. I think this one is…

Dark Lips, Dark Words

Heyyyy it’s Selfie Saturday and I’m chock-full of ’em this weekend. For those of you who may be wondering, yes I do dedicate time to taking professional looking pictures of myself. It’s something I genuinely enjoy doing, and it’s great practice for knowing my angles among other things, including getting to know my camera better….

Mami Appreciation Post

Last year, my beautiful, intelligent, and incredibly hard-working mom celebrated 15 years at her primary place of employment.  I was her date for the celebration at COBO center in downtown Detroit, and I snapped a little series of photos of her during dinner. This is my favorite.

Fire In Her Eyes

I’m rolling this into a selfie weekend. (I still hate that term.) I’ve felt good about myself this weekend and consequently taken to pointing the camera at my face. 50mm portrait lens here, on auto.