The Foldio Mini Studio

Christmas is finally over (a sweet relief, working retail) and although 2015 has been a pretty rough year for me, I was thinking this morning that I have quite a bit to be thankful for. This is going to sound pretty materialistic, but I was able to gift myself all 3 of my top wishlist…

Annual Potter’s Market: Detroit Ornament

Every year since 2008, I’ve had the privilege of going to a local Annual Potter’s Market, and every year I come home with new bowls and knickknacks and gifts for people. While I did purchase a bowl this year, which I plan on featuring soon, I also bought two ornaments for our Christmas tree. This…

Dollar Birdy

Some more ornaments! I got this birdy for a dollar at Michaels last year.

Santa Baby

I think this was the ornament I made last year at my annual Friendmas party. It’s so cute and simple, I want to make more.