Chrysanthemums ’17

It’s officially a month since my last update and shamefully, I did not deliver on my promises of having queued up posts. Truthfully, I was so busy and mentally occupied in the time leading up to the cruise, I just didn’t get around to it. But excuses, excuses, we’re not here to talk about that, so let’s cut to it.

I have a few chrysanthemum photos I want to share from late spring this year.

I tried some different editing styles in Photoshop with these to bring out a more vintage, cooler toned look. I need to mess around with this style, cause I definitely feel like I can enhance them even more, it’s just about finding that balance.

Hope you guys enjoy.





Blogvember is Here!

I realized earlier today that NANOWRIMO has started and as usual, I wanted to do my version of it: Blogvember. Blog every day in November! I think this will be an interesting challenge this year given that I find myself generally busy.

I may attempt a photography challenge where there’s a specific theme for each day. But for today, I’ll keep it simple and add another mums photo.


F-stop: f/3.8 Exp: 1/400 ISO: 250

Autumn Mums

I bought Mums for my mum. HA!

But really, I went to Lowe’s a couple weeks ago for floral photography purposes, and ending up purchasing 2 baskets of pinky mums for my mom cause they were 50% off and she’s been telling me for a long time that she wanted mums in the fall.

Also, of course, I got some nice shots of mums while there. Enjoy!

F-stop: f/3.8 Exp: 1/500 ISO: 250

F-stop: f/3.8
Exp: 1/500
ISO: 250

F-stop: f/3.8 Exp: 1/640 ISO: 250

F-stop: f/3.8
Exp: 1/640
ISO: 250

F-stop: f/4 Exp: 1/200 ISO: 250

F-stop: f/4
Exp: 1/200
ISO: 250

Chrysanthemum Collection

In the past few years, I’ve discovered that I really love Chrysanthemum flowers. They’re gorgeous to look at, but even more interesting to shoot.

In this set, I’m featuring the ones I took photos of using my 50mm portrait lens – and this was by accident, because I realized too late on the way to the flower shop that I had the wrong lens on. But I think the photos turned out well regardless.

They were all shot on manual mode. My floral pieces always turn out better on manual. And I think I’m finally starting to better understand my camera. Ya know, 2 years later.


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/640 sec. ISO: 320


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/640 sec. ISO: 320


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/1000 sec. ISO: 320


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/1250 sec. ISO: 320