Chrysanthemum Collection

In the past few years, I’ve discovered that I really love Chrysanthemum flowers. They’re gorgeous to look at, but even more interesting to shoot. In this set, I’m featuring the ones I took photos of using my 50mm portrait lens – and this was by accident, because I realized too late on the way to…

TBT: Lavender

Heyyy lovely people. I’m going to take a quick little break from Comic Con coverage and enjoy the lovely opportunity that is Throwback Thursday. Today’s photo comes to you from 2012. This was one of my betta fish, Lavender. He didn’t live long, sadly. Not quite sure why.


My aunt has a lot of great foliage and flowers and overall nature on her property. This is one of my many photos I’ve eagerly hoarded throughout the years from her gardens.

A Smidgen

Found these cuties in Frankenmuth this past fall. I didn’t get them, but I thought they were adorable measurement instruments.

Pepper Plant

It’s finally that time of year that the plants are starting to come up and even grow little flowers before they fruit! I can’t wait for the summer spoils.