Summer Flowers at the Zoo

Floral & Nature

Hey guys! Yes I totally have been MIA from this blog for a month, but I also have meant to update it several times and just never got around to it.

I’m currently sick at home so I have spare time to do just that today.

I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned this previously, but I purchased a yearly pass for the Detroit Zoo this spring, so I’ve been going to the zoo more frequently than usual and all the little gardens they have along the trails are perfect for my floral photography.

Here are a few shots from my most recent trip, on my birthday.

DSC_2873copy DSC_2846copy2 DSC_2858copy2


Chrysanthemum Collection

Floral & Nature

In the past few years, I’ve discovered that I really love Chrysanthemum flowers. They’re gorgeous to look at, but even more interesting to shoot.

In this set, I’m featuring the ones I took photos of using my 50mm portrait lens – and this was by accident, because I realized too late on the way to the flower shop that I had the wrong lens on. But I think the photos turned out well regardless.

They were all shot on manual mode. My floral pieces always turn out better on manual. And I think I’m finally starting to better understand my camera. Ya know, 2 years later.


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/640 sec. ISO: 320


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/640 sec. ISO: 320


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/1000 sec. ISO: 320


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/1250 sec. ISO: 320

Frosty Tips

Floral & Nature

Morning frost.



Floral & Nature

The fence dividing mine and my neighbor’s backyards always makes for nice shots. I think it’s because it’s got years of rust on it and that shows up well on camera.

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Floral & Nature

Our front yard has leaves scattered all over and the variety of colors is gorgeous, but the bicolored red/orange ones are always among my favorite.

85mm macro lens, on my knees, the sun was shining straight through the leaf at me.

As an aside, I had a small discussion last night with a former professor who gave me some good advice and critiques of my photography and mentioned that employers/people are interested in the process behind the final work.

I think once I finish this 365 challenge, I’ll be updating this blog with more informational posts and behind-the-scenes pics/info of how I work my magic with the camera. What do you guys think? DOES ANYONE READ THIS???

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