When I Know You’re Not Around

I’ve been thinking of doing a series of these letter photos for a while now. I’ve got Bananagrams and Appletters burning a hole in my creative heart and I finally started today. Behold. An appropriate song lyric. Oh. And there’s an “n” instead of “and” because APPARENTLY Appletters only has 3 D’s.

Green Apple

Doesn’t this just look like a giant green apply Jolly Rancher? I think it was a peridot specimen. But again, I wasn’t paying attention to the info.


You all know I took pictures of flowers in Dallas. These beauties were at the Dallas Arboretum, literally everywhere. I didn’t pay attention to what species they are, but they make for awesome photos. All of the plants at the Arboretum have little plaques with their names on them. This was a really nice stop…


My parents really like plums, so we’re pretty much always stocked with them during the summer. I noticed we had three different colored ones the other, and for whatever reason, I found them to be absolutely gorgeous.


I think these little flowers are called flames. I love photographing them because they’re bright and colorful, and they make good subjects. They also seem to have character at times. Like in this photo, the focal flower looks like it’s peeking to say hello.