Hardcore with a Heart

Heyyy If you’re looking for something to do today in the Metro Detroit Area, XICW is having their annual December specialty show, Hardcore with a Heart. $5 or 5 canned goods for admission, proceeds go to charity! Check out their Facebook page here for more info. Anyway, in honor of this event, here’s a photo…

Muscles All Around

Because I missed Throwback Thursday, I’m gonna do Flashback Friday. Also because I’m watching Orange is the New Black. Below, 50% of the wrestling tag team duo, The Painkillers, at Motor City Comic Con 2013. #musclesallaround

MCCC 2014: 1/3 Female Loki

It’s time to wrap up the Motor City Comic Con 2014 coverage! And what better way than with a female Loki? I’ve noticed that the ladies really love dressing up at Loki – there were 3 this year that I counted and it was the second year in a row that a female Loki won…

MCCC 2014: Young Padawan

The Star Wars cosplayers are always among my favorite because they’re often carrying lightsabers that light up and make for good pictures. Plus, some of the costumes are really sweet. Especially if they’re steampunk Star Wars. This was not a steampunk costume, but it did feature a great lightsaber.

MCCC 2014: Fiona

This chick!!! Nothing says sexy quite like self confidence, and she rocked it from head to toe.