MCCC 2014: Tuxedo Mask Not

Like I couldn’t leave cosplay Jesus out of this year’s roundup, I also can’t leave last year’s Tuxedo Mask, who I found in the crowd within an hour. He was not Tuxedo Mask this year – I didn’t ask who he was cosplaying, so if you know, please let me know! I was amused that…

MCCC 2014: Jesus Walks

I cannot cover MCCC in photos without including this guy. I mean, look at him! Awesome! He was very friendly and I still cannot help but laugh at the plushie Jesus he’s holding. And that cigar! Bloody fantastic.

MCCC 2014: Waldo Has Been Found

I’m pretty sure there was a Waldo at MCCC last year as well, and if this is a recurring thing, it makes me happy that there is at least one Waldo at every convention. BECAUSE THAT’S FUNNY.

MCCC 2014: Bucky and Robin (?)

I’m super thrilled to say I made it out to Motor City Comic Con 2014 today and even more thrilled to say that I have a bunch of photos I’ll be sharing in the coming week. It was hard to choose what my first one should be, but I’m gonna start it off right. What…

TBT: The Arby’s Kid

Motor City Comic Con weekend starts TOMORROW!!! In honor of MCCC ’14 and Throwback Thursday, here’s another goody from last year’s convention.┬áThis kid was walking around on Saturday (I believe) with the Arby’s hat and I thought it was brilliant. I also noticed there is an exceptional amount of gingers/redheads at MCCC. It’s heaven for…