RenFest Darth Vader

I did not get more than a handful of photos this year at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, but that’s a whole lot to do with wandering the place and enjoying the experience more than worrying about getting a good photo. Luckily, I did whip out my camera when ornate Darth Vader showed up. I’m pretty…

MCCC 2014: 1/3 Female Loki

It’s time to wrap up the Motor City Comic Con 2014 coverage! And what better way than with a female Loki? I’ve noticed that the ladies really love dressing up at Loki – there were 3 this year that I counted and it was the second year in a row that a female Loki won…

MCCC 2014: Young Padawan

The Star Wars cosplayers are always among my favorite because they’re often carrying lightsabers that light up and make for good pictures. Plus, some of the costumes are really sweet. Especially if they’re steampunk Star Wars. This was not a steampunk costume, but it did feature a great lightsaber.

MCCC 2014: Fiona

This chick!!! Nothing says sexy quite like self confidence, and she rocked it from head to toe.

MCCC 2014: Tuxedo Mask Not

Like I couldn’t leave cosplay Jesus out of this year’s roundup, I also can’t leave last year’s Tuxedo Mask, who I found in the crowd within an hour. He was not Tuxedo Mask this year – I didn’t ask who he was cosplaying, so if you know, please let me know! I was amused that…