MCCC 2014: Young Padawan

The Star Wars cosplayers are always among my favorite because they’re often carrying lightsabers that light up and make for good pictures. Plus, some of the costumes are really sweet. Especially if they’re steampunk Star Wars. This was not a steampunk costume, but it did feature a great lightsaber.

TBT: The Arby’s Kid

Motor City Comic Con weekend starts TOMORROW!!! In honor of MCCC ’14 and Throwback Thursday, here’s another goody from last year’s convention.┬áThis kid was walking around on Saturday (I believe) with the Arby’s hat and I thought it was brilliant. I also noticed there is an exceptional amount of gingers/redheads at MCCC. It’s heaven for…

TBT: Loki at MCCC ’13

Thank God it’s Throwback Thursday. As Motor City Comic Con 2014 approaches (and I seem to garner more hits on this blog because of last year’s) I thought I’d share another favorite costume from last year’s convention. This girl actually won 1st place in the costume contest. I thought she looked a very convincing Loki.