While I’m sharing selfies, I have a handful of relatively new ones that I haven’t shared.

The one I’m sharing tonight was taken a few months ago, in the summer, prior to me switching my hair to Pravana vivids yellow, orange, and red. I’m wearing a crystal crown headband I made, which I nearly never wear in real life because it’s so heavy, it tends to slip and fall off my head, regardless of the fact that I tried to make it anti-slip.



Crystal Caves


The mineral exhibit had a really neat portion where they had a crystal cave in the wall that you could look through and there was a projection of a man in the cave talking about giant crystals.

I took a picture of the guy, but then discovered taking pictures of the crystal points looked even more interesting.


Green Apple


Doesn’t this just look like a giant green apply Jolly Rancher?

I think it was a peridot specimen. But again, I wasn’t paying attention to the info.


Planet Krypton


My favorite stop on our vacation was the Minerals exhibit at the Perot Museum. We spent literally like over an hour in there and I photographed pretty much every specimen. They were really remarkable and large and breathtaking.

This was one of the more interesting looking specimens. I think it’s some kind of quartz, but I can’t remember. Aren’t I awful?


TBT: Crystalline

Floral & Nature

For tonight’s Throwback Thursday, I’m sharing a photo I never uploaded this blog. It’s from 2011, taken with my old d3000 and 85mm macro lens.

I used to go around finding all kinds of stuff to photograph simply because I was so excited to have a DSLR and macro lens. My life was complete.