Side Step

Good morning from Minneapolis! I have one last floral photo to share with you all from this set. There’s more in the archive, from a different day, but I haven’t gotten around to editing any of those yet. I’ve found these large colorful daisy looking flowers really fun to shoot in recent years. I have…


Some more floral shots from my trip to Lowe’s a couple weeks ago. I always enjoy photographing small flowers and plants with multitudes of levels that the lens picks up different depending on where I focus. I think these make the most interesting pictures. I’ve got a couple in this lineup today.

Early Summer Flowers

I’ve been meaning to edit and upload some more flower photos from earlier this summer, and I finally had the energy/time to do so this morning. Enjoy! Shop my Society6 shop @lovelikeangels Check me out on Instagram for more photos @lovelikeangels

Summer Flowers at the Zoo

Hey guys! Yes I totally have been MIA from this blog for a month, but I also have meant to update it several times and just never got around to it. I’m currently sick at home so I have spare time to do just that today. I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned this previously, but…

Playing with DIY Photo Tricks

It is OFFICIALLY spring time which means it’s OFFICIALLY time for me to spend a lot of time photographing flowers. Because in case you haven’t realized by now, it’s my favorite subject and my best as well. I recently bought a pot of these purple daisy looking flowers. I forgot what they’re actually called, but…